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Hội thảo và Triển lãm Công nghệ IBM 2013

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Agenda (PDF)

1. Smarter Computing in Action - Beyond Innovation (GOING INTO ANALYTICS and THE ULTIMATE SYSTEMS FOR TODAY's COMPUTE INTENSIVE WORKLOADs) - Gururaj Rao

2. Harness the Power of Cloud, Data and Security to Gain Competitive Advantage (GOING INTO DETAILS THE ATTRIBUTES OF SMARTER COMPUTING BASE ON A PORTFOLIO OF SYSTEMS, SWG & SERVICES) - Scott Rainford Firth

TRACH 1 - Clound and Big Data
Speed to Market, Improve Efficlency and Deliver Actionable Insight

1. A Differentiated Platform for the Cloud-Enabled Enterprise - Le Tran Nguyen
2. Simplifying Cloud and Big Data with PureSystems - York Mear Loh
3. SureERP Suite_The IT infra enable Smarter Planet- Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Mai (LacViet)
4. Virtualization Confidential The Secrets NO ONE will tell you - James Glover
5. Unlocking Opportunities with Smarter Analytics - Vu Bao Phuong Quyen
6. Smart Computing Starts with a Virtual Desktop Strategy - Le Ngoc Lam_VMware
7. HPC Solution for Tech Expo - David chen
8. Gaining Insights from Analytics - Is your Infrastructure Ready for Compute Intensive Workloads like Analytics - Vuong Minh Thu

TRACH 2 - The next generation Data Center
Accelerate Business Velocity and Drive Lower Cost

1. Accelerating Business Velocity through Next Generation Data Center v1 - Andy Soon
2. Intel Data Center technology and solutions - Tran Thi Bang Tam_Intel
3. Create Real Business Value - New Solutions, Key Technologies and Continued Innovation -Le Doan Hoang
4. Why your Operating Systems and Virtualization Strategy Choice Matters in Keeping your IT Cost Down-Bok Tuang Seng
5. Evolving into the Next Generation Data Center with IBM PureFlex System - Du Ngoc Thien
6. Changing the Economics of Storage to Maximize IT - Dao Tuan Hung
7. DC Physical Infrastructure on Demand for Higher Availability and Energy Efficiency - Ivan Habovcik
8. The Open, Flexible and Leading x86 Platform for a Smarter Infrastructure - Ngo Quang Son

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