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[POLICY FORUM] Situation and Solutions for Land Management and use in Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Areas (2013)

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Hoi thao Thuc trang va giai phap quan ly va su dung dat dai vung DTMN
- Land Policy for Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam
Nguyen Do Anh Tuan Center for Agricultural Policy (CAP/IPSARD)

- Revising the 2003 Law on Land in Vietnam

- Revising the 2003 Law on Land in Vietnam: Creating Equitable Treatment for Land Use Right Holders

- INGO statement on the revision of the Law on Land

- Case study in Son La and Lam Dong Provinces: Propoor Land Consolidation-Issues related to Ethnic Minorities

- FAO: Production land for ethnic minorities, current situation and solutions

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